Understand everything in a single platform.

Unify siloed information in one, central location — for real-time decisions. Peregrine can be used by every department, without IT know-how. In the field and at HQ.

Interoperable data integration for all your systems.

Peregrine integrates information from multiple systems across your organization, making it searchable. Without extra work for your team.

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Take action with usable data.

Peregrine’s modeling is underpinned by a configurable ontology — common definitions for different types of data — which allows all of a department’s mission-critical information to be presented in one format

Connect the dots
 & find links.

Peregrine models data — drawing links between different pieces of information, unlocking further analysis, and powering operations.

Launch fast for
 instant impact.

Get started quickly with support from our implementation team, and easily manage access for departments and personnel.


Answer complex questions, faster than ever before.

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The power of Peregrine, on the ground.

Use Peregrine’s mobile app to help those on the front line respond to events as they happen, with quick and easy access to vital information.

Operate with maximum security.

With fine-grained permission controls, auditability, and traceability — Peregrine’s platform empowers you to uphold civil liberties and build community trust.

operate with maximum security