Understand everything in one platform.

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Unify siloed information into one, central location for real-time decisions and operations. Peregrine can be used by every department, without IT know-how. In the field and at HQ.

From data to decision:
How our platform works.

Build a single command center.

Peregrine integrates data from systems across your agency to enhance decision-making. Access critical information via a simple search, and automatically link data points together.

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Paint a clear picture of your environment.

See what’s happening on the ground and help personnel in the field respond to events as they happen with real-time Data Analysis.

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See the bigger picture & the finer details.

Harmonize and transform massive quantities of raw data into a clear format with reports and dashboards. So your teams can ask questions, get meaningful answers, and take action.


All the features you need

Search & Discovery.

Search for mission-critical information with advanced filters. Quickly navigate through vast amounts of cases and find data that was previously unattainable.

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Geospatial Analysis.

Put mapping, GPS, and satellite imagery at the fingertips of those who need it most. See what’s happening on the ground in real-time, share insights with patrol officers, and respond faster.

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Knowledge Graph.

Visualize connections and establish relationships between different pieces of information — people, places, and things — then share findings in a network view with teams on the ground.

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Reporting & Dashboards.

Understand the efficacy of operations with automated reports — updated in real-time. Use your dashboard as a reference point for your entire department, and see findings at-a-glance.

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The power of Peregrine, on the ground.

Use Peregrine’s mobile app to help those on the front line respond to events as they happen, with quick and easy access to vital information.

Operate with maximum security.

With fine-grained permission controls, auditability, and traceability — Peregrine’s platform empowers you to uphold civil liberties and build community trust.

operate with maximum security