One platform powering
better information

Peregrine is the first and only real-time decision and operations management platform for Public Safety agencies.


Law Enforcement

Search, analyze, and deploy mission-critical information across agencies in one platform.

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Emergency Management

Assemble and analyze vast amounts of information to predict and respond to disasters.


Smart Cities

Connect your city’s entire IT system together in one platform.


Event Management

Unlock a 360° view of event operations, from start to finish, and every moment in between.

Decisions & operations
 in one place.

Find everything in 
a single platform.

Discover information that was previously unattainable, and search for it in seconds. Then share these findings with your teams.

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Answer complex questions faster.

Visualize and interpret information to answer complex questions, and respond to events as they happen — in real-time.

Implement & monitor operation strategies.

Drive outcomes with advanced decision-making capabilities. Implement new strategies faster, maximize efficiency, and power new ways of operating.

Build groundbreaking collaboration networks.

Connect with other Public Safety organizations, share mission-critical information with fine-grained permissions, and build new collaboration networks.

build groundbreaking