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Advance Public Safety

Peregrine’s technology platform empowers public safety leaders to make data-driven decisions in real-time.

In these extraordinary times, public safety leaders have the combined challenges of protecting their community, building trust, and competing for precious resources. Success requires leaders who can adapt quickly while helping their personnel absorb change in the context of their organization’s unique culture and operations.

Information and technology are key to solving these challenges. But too often, introducing technology has the unintended effect of fragmenting institutional knowledge, teams, and operations. Organizations now struggle to manage a constant flow of information coming through multiple data systems twenty-four hours a day.

More than ever before, public safety leaders require data to make their best decisions for the safety and prosperity of communities—but their data is locked in silos, unavailable to the people who need it most.

At Peregrine, we build software that lets public safety agencies integrate their data into one platform for real-time decisions.

Our software empowers public safety leaders and their partners to answer complex questions quickly by bringing relevant data to the people who need it.

We do this with a team of dedicated technology professionals who collaborate with our customers to deliver new efficiencies and innovations.

How it works

Peregrine transforms the way public safety leaders use data to make decisions.

Integrate. Peregrine’s integration engine connects every available data system in your agency. As data flows into Peregrine, it is cleaned, transformed, and enriched with meaningful relationships in real-time.

Discover. With all of your agency’s data in one platform, streams of information now become valuable and illuminate insights. This makes it possible to ask new questions and get reliable answers when and where you need them.

Evaluate. Peregrine empowers your agency, your partners, and your community with collaborative tools to assess trends, monitor evolving risks, and develop new strategies for crime reduction and community engagement.

Respond. Peregrine connects personnel in the field with the right intelligence so they can take action and minimize risk, all while amplifying real-time situational awareness at headquarters. The result is shared knowledge at every level of your organization.

With Peregrine, public safety officials acquire a software platform designed to meet your unique agency needs and a team of professionals committed to being your partner.

Why public safety leaders
choose Peregrine

Peregrine is the only solution to have successfully integrated our systems, with millions of data points, to allow us to connect the dots within seconds. They have become an integral partner in our crime reduction strategy.

Our complex and layered information sources now flow into one platform which can be easily understood by staff, partners, and community members alike. We now have an accessible visual representation of our entire department.

— Brian Bubar, Police Captain
Seamless integration

Public safety leaders often manage dozens or even hundreds of tools. Peregrine provides the most complete inventory of your data by integrating systems that no other solution can. Our platform is deployed in days or weeks, not months or years, with no requirement to change the way your data is collected or stored.

Industry-leading discovery

Peregrine helps personnel at every level of your organization quickly navigate through vast amounts of data, then interpret and visualize findings—all within one platform. You and your team can ask questions of your data and find answers that were previously unattainable—or that required days of work to obtain.

Real-time response

Your environment is constantly changing. That means your priorities are, too. Peregrine’s platform helps you continuously monitor for emerging risks, dynamically adjust your resources, respond efficiently to events in progress, and shift from reactive to proactive planning, readiness, and response.

Secure collaboration

Peregrine’s platform empowers you to collaborate with peers, partner agencies, and communities while reinforcing security mandates and best practice guidelines. With Peregrine, public safety leaders can implement entirely new collaboration networks to reduce crime and enhance transparency.

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