Law Enforcement

The data you need to make the decisions that matter.

Peregrine's Public Safety Platform enables law enforcement agencies to seamlessly integrate, interact with, and visually represent their data in a unified and real-time environment.

    Law enforcement technology to empower your team & deliver the best service to your community.

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    Streamline operations.

    Help your departments work smarter and faster. Leverage data from a centralized platform and easily collaborate with real-time messaging, shared data, and live video feeds. Configurable workflow tools systemize processes and save time. Reduce the gap between decision-making and action.
    Platform Emergency management

    Protect your city & foster community trust.

    Ensure Privacy & 
Civil Liberties.

    We don’t own any data. Our fine-grained permissions, auditability, and traceability help guarantee your most sensitive information is appropriately gathered, documented, used, retained, and shared.

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    Grow citizen trust.

    Develop new strategies for crime reduction and community engagement. Operate with greater transparency than ever before, and establish trust with your communities.

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    Richmond PD

    Richmond, California Police Department

    Peregrine helps Public Safety leaders make better decisions — for the safety and prosperity of our communities.
    Reducing violent crime across jurisdictions

    The power of Peregrine, on the ground.

    Use Peregrine’s mobile app to help those on the frontline respond to events as they happen, with quick and easy access to vital information.

    LE Response

    Access cross-jurisdictional information for more effective policing.

    Work with others in Public Safety to keep people safer and reduce crime. Implement new collaboration networks and access information that lives outside your own institution.