Integrated Public Safety

Build thriving cities for everyone

  • Integrate and analyze citywide data to focus public safety strategies and resources.
  • Collaborate across departments to operationalize plans and make data-driven decisions.
  • Monitor and evaluate progress to continually improve outcomes.
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Tackle the hardest challenges

Effective Public Safety requires a holistic response

Public Safety is no longer the sole domain of police, fire, and offices of emergency management (OEMs). The challenges cities face — from homelessness to violent crime — can only be tackled by strategizing and working across municipal agencies, meaningfully bringing subject matter experts together.

Peregrine enables city and department leadership to integrate, share, and act on data from across departments securely and confidently. Peregrine also makes it simple to gather and share data with elected officials and local communities to improve transparency, build trust, and solve the hardest problems together.

Peregrine connects the entire Public Safety ecosystem.

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Safe and Secure

Peregrine’s fine-grained permission controls ensure users are processing data in accordance with rules, regulations, and organizational policies. There are multiple and varying permissions, so users only access, use, share, or other- wise interact with real-time data in ways for which they have authorization.

Consistent, always-on security controls are applied to each data record that propagate throughout Peregrine any time data records are moved, transformed, or processed. No matter how data is leveraged, the original intent of the privacy and security restrictions stay intact.

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