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From implementation to operations: the one-stop shop for law enforcement

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Livermore PD
Livermore, California Police Department

Peregrine initially deployed with the Livermore, CA police department in January 2022 and since then, Peregrine has been leveraged by everyone from Command Staff to Patrol to better engage with their community and keep people and property safe.

Seamless integration and implementation

Peregrine integrates all of Livermore’s data sources — including their computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and record management systems (RMS), as well as evidence management systems, city traffic and school district cameras, body-worn and patrol car cameras, and license plate readers — to power their real-time awareness center (RTAC), or what other departments are calling their real-time crime centers (RTCC). Crucially, pertinent data can be overlaid on a map, so Livermore PD has a single view of the who, what, when, and where.

Now, anyone in the Livermore Police Department only needs one screen and one search to access all the information they need — no matter what system it lives in — saving time and powering organization-wide efficiencies. Seamless data integration and implementation is the key to deriving value from data — it’s what allows public safety officers to make connections and understand relationships between data points. Without Peregrine, data lives in siloed systems. It’s hard for department personnel to use, and even harder to make connections between disparate pieces of data to power strategic decision-making.

“Data integration was smooth, and Peregrine’s implementation team has been incredible,” says Captain John Reynolds, Livermore PD. “They’ve been respon- sive to our staff and the needs of our agency. Even post-integration, their support has never dropped off.”

Peregrine’s dedicated, experienced implementation team — specializing in software engineering, product development, user engagement, and training — ensures departments can get started in days, not months.

Powering operations at every level

Peregrine’s platform democratized access to real-time data and information to power Livermore PD’s RTAC, after a successful data integration phase.

By integrating city camera footage into Peregrine, which can then be monitored in real-time, analysts in the RTAC use Peregrine to ensure patrol officers have all the information they need about any people, vehicles, or places they encounter.

On a recent webinar, Captain Reynolds noted that with Peregrine, “analysts provide necessary information to patrol officers in the field, which has led to successful arrests and interruption of crime.” We know first-hand that giving patrol officers complete operational and historical context — in the field — can save lives.

And it’s not just Livermore’s patrol officers who benefit from accessing, analyzing, and actioning all their data within one platform. Captain Reynolds emphasized that Peregrine enhances “each step of the investigative process.”

Detectives can leverage every source of relevant data in one platform to test hypotheses, connect information to see a case’s bigger picture, and answer their hardest questions – solving crimes more quickly.

Analysts turn what was once siloed data into actionable reports that automatically update in real-time, encompassing everything from crime statistics in each moment to dispatch response times and emerging crime trends.

Command staff can easily view dashboards and reports that update in real-time with key metrics. This allows them to better and more strategically set and track progress on department-level priorities, as well as promote transparency and alignment between the department, their community, and the city council, while enhancing officer safety.

Beyond fighting crime

Police departments do more for their communities than stop and solve crimes. And Peregrine can be used as the foundation to better respond to all kinds of calls for service, not just those involving criminal activity.

Captain Reynolds gave the example of a senior citizen in town who was lost. He didn’t know where he was, and he could only remember his first name. When police were called to the scene, an analyst in the RTAC was able to access a real-time map of the individual’s location and created a search radius looking for a male around his age with his first name leveraging Peregrine’s powerful partial queries and geospatial search. Within minutes, the analyst was able to ID the gentleman, his caregiver, and his address — all within Peregrine — to ensure that the individual got home safely.

Had the analyst been compelled to use a traditional records management system — reading each call for service or police report to assess relevance and identifying the individual based on prior contacts and structured data fields, without Peregrine’s universal search capabilities — the resolution to this incident may have taken hours instead of just minutes with our platform.

Whether in community assistance situations like that one, or in violent crime response, every second counts. Peregrine is the only platform that enables everyone in the department to act quickly and precisely in the moments that matter most.

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