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Unifying law enforcement efforts: Peregrine's impact on inter-jurisdictional operations

Law EnforcementConcord, California Police Department
Without Peregrine's platform, coordinating this level of inter-agency collaboration would have been much more difficult. The real-time sharing of data allowed us to stay one step ahead of the suspect, ultimately resulting in his arrest.
Senior Crime and Intelligence Analyst Josh MedelConcord PD
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Championing community engagement and crime prevention

Law EnforcementNewark, California Police Department
It’s my responsibility to reduce crime, and Peregrine is the foundational piece for our overall crime reduction strategy
Captain Jolie MaciasNewark Police Department
Livermore PD

Livermore, California Police Department

Data integration was smooth, and Peregrine’s implementation team has been incredible, They’ve been responsive to our staff and the needs of our agency. Even post-integration, their support has never dropped off.
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