Smart Cities

your Smart City strategy.

  • Connect disparate data & uncover hidden trends.
  • Collaborate across departments & jurisdictions.
  • Make data-driven decisions & take action in real-time.
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Tackle the hardest challenges.

Most challenges don’t fit in a single department’s jurisdiction — especially in Public Safety. Peregrine enables city and department leadership to integrate, share, and act on data from across departments securely and confidently. Peregrine also makes it simple to gather and share data with elected officials and local communities to improve transparency, build trust, and tackle the hardest challenges together.

Peregrine connects the entire Public Safety ecosystem.

Richmond PD

Richmond, California Police Department

Peregrine helps Public Safety leaders make better decisions — for the safety and prosperity of our communities.
Reducing violent crime across jurisdictions

Bridge the gaps between public safety, community resources, and regional partners.

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Collaborative problem-solving.

Enable collaboration and data sharing between Law Enforcement, regional health departments, and service providers, while maintaining secure access controls over sensitive data.

Data-driven decision making.

Deliver insight to city leadership to inform everything from crisis response to strategic planning, all in one platform.