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Privacy & Civil Liberties

Build public trust.

Peregrine’s platform unifies and secures all of your data — helping you work more effectively, while protecting the privacy of your citizens and building public trust.

Protect sensitive information.

Peregrine protects sensitive data from unauthorized access and use, delivering precise data handling and multi-level security. We allow organizations with stringent security requirements to access, analyze, and share information in a deliberate and precise way. Our platform logs all user actions that take place within the platform, and maintains granular, permissioned audit trails.

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Enable transparency.

Peregrine enables government agencies to make data-driven decisions and confidently share the data behind those decisions with the community for greater transparency. Agencies can easily search, analyze, and share information proactively with citizens — on request.

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Power accountability.

Peregrine enables agencies to continuously and confidently enforce internal rules and regulations regarding the use of data. Advanced access controls and granular audit trails give administrators total visibility, simplifying the enforcement of policies and procedures, and enhancing internal reviews.

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