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Reducing violent crime across jurisdictions with Peregrine’s unified, inter-agency search capabilities

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Richmond PD
Richmond, California Police Department

Crime isn’t bound by jurisdiction. Your information shouldn’t be, either.

Peregrine is the only solution that can seamlessly connect information from multiple federal and municipal organizations in one, unified search.

Peregrine automatically surfaces pertinent information based on an initial incident, making connections across jurisdictions with fine-grained permissions for each user. With Peregrine, law enforcement can do more with less — efficiently and quickly solving crimes amidst staffing shortages.

Collaborate with other federal and state agencies to solve crime — in one platform

Peregrine enabled the Richmond, California police department to reduce crime across jurisdictions, helping officers identify an individual who had been involved in multiple shootings by automatically linking information from one federal and two municipal agencies. The data was collated in Peregrine’s platform with privacy controls across each agency — down to the role of the specific individual — to ensure all information was shared with only those who should have access to it.

Traditionally, it would have been a challenging, cumbersome, manual process for the Richmond PD to link their shooting to a case report outside their juris- diction. Officers would have gone door-to-door in the area, looking to find a witness willing to identify the suspect. They could manually look up the ballistics report, search related cases, and hope to secure pertinent case files.

Automatically surface connections between seemingly disconnected data across all your systems of record

Peregrine linked the Richmond PD case to a shooting case under another police department’s jurisdiction because ballistics data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) showed that the shell casings from the Rich- mond case matched the shell casings from the other agency case. Normally, these reports are emailed as PDFs. Peregrine can automatically process these files, linking the information to data from other integrated systems.

A witness gave Richmond PD a description of a vehicle and potential address of a suspect. Detectives were able to leverage Peregrine’s platform to easily pull other case reports near the address. From those cases, another witness in a separate case report mentioned the name of a suspect who had fired a gun at a location that matched the location in the case from the second police department identified in the NIBIN report.

The Richmond detective read the other agency’s case report in Peregrine, and determined that the suspect was likely at both of the shooting locations. The detective searched in Peregrine to find that this suspect had a family member who owned a vehicle that matched a vehicle description from the first witness in the Richmond case.

After securing a warrant, the Richmond PD determined the individual in question was involved in the shooting and illegally possessed firearms.

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