Event Management

Keep events safe 
& promote Public Safety.

  • View cameras, ticketing & CAD in one place.
  • Share findings with Law Enforcement, in real-time.
  • Make faster decisions at HQ & on the ground.
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Streamline event & resource planning.

Seamless operations.

Use Peregrine’s platform to streamline event planning by connecting event information on attendees, security, and more as well as action plans in a single view.

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Better decisions.

Make data-backed decisions on how to efficiently deploy resources. Then create a common operating picture plan that’s shared with staff.

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Monitor events in real-time for situational awareness.

Get notified of incidents as they happen with customizable alerts. Then link, visualize, and action this information in real-time. Send instant alerts to security on the ground and improve response times.


Build dynamic reports on past events & look to the future.

Look at recent trends and get a leader-level view of past events for data-driven decisions. Surface emergent and repeating issues, and identify procedural improvements.

Richmond PD

Richmond, California Police Department

Peregrine helps Public Safety leaders make better decisions — for the safety and prosperity of our communities.
Reducing violent crime across jurisdictions

Collaborate with Law Enforcement in one platform.

Implement new collaboration networks to promote event safety. Work with others in Public Safety to cross-reference information and achieve more.