Emergency Management & Disaster Relief

Work smarter, respond faster.

Save lives

  • Create better strategies for preparedness & response.
  • Build a clear, unified picture of incidents.
  • Protect impacted communities in harm’s way.
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Construct a clear picture of your environment.

Break down barriers between agencies and first responders. Create a unified, geospatial view of the disaster — more effectively deploying resources and saving lives.


Identify an emergency in moments.

Notify emergency response dispatchers to disasters in real-time. Marshall the resources you need. Respond faster and smarter.

Empower first responders in the field.

Use Peregrine’s mobile app to share real-time information to and from those in the field. Access the common operating picture without continuous WiFi or cell signal access through downloaded maps and information (available with Disconnected Mode).

Mobile App

Collaborate to keep people & communities safe.

Share information seamlessly between first responders in the field, government agencies, and everyone in between. Work with others in Public Safety to achieve mission-critical objectives.